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We’ll Be Back After These Messages

So, uh, yes. I’m going to be taking a smallish break from producing weekly strips for the comic. I still plan on doing the occasional one of single panel, or something as an idea pops into my head, but for now I need a break. In December I started a new job. Like really new. I find myself needing to unlearn everything I’ve learned, I feel like a 20 year old learning “how” to work. The only thing I get to rely on our my customer service skills, minus ALL the sales skills. (not that there were many of those). To give you an idea of how exhausting this all is, Just this Friday I completed just the first part of my classroom training that I started in December. I have yet to speak with a client/customer. I’m terrified to do so now and I’ve been in a CSR/Communications position for over 20 years. So I need a break. Once my anxieties calm down, I get back to proper eating, get a few projects done (still working on the bookcase) I’ll be back with a weekly schedule. I’ll still be doing Photos on Instagram, and of course Tumbler will be VERY active as always. In the meantime, I appreciate all of you!


Patrick: Hi. We have an announcement
Paddy: You mispronounced “I”
Patrick: WE’VE been at this every week for 4 1/2 years. Never missed an update
Patrick: I’ve also recently started a new job that is very taxing. So we’re going to take a small break from weekly updates, and work on the things we’ve been putting off that are of great benefit
Paddy: like his dietary habits
Patrick: So, we’ll see you at random intervals with the occasional one offs. Thanks for your support and understanding
Paddy: Don’t think yer not payin’ me
Patrick: You get a roof over your head