What is this comic about?

Nothing, and everything. I suppose you could say it’s about my inner thoughts, but really they only creep in here and there. You could say it’s about my viewpoint on some issues. This isn’t always the case either. It could be said that I took a long hard look at myself saw who I was, and realized that there were multiple versions of me, and I split them all off into separate characters.  This is likely true as well, though not consciously. Basically, it’s organic in flow and has no plot, and routinely breaks the 3rd, 4th, and 5th walls.

Why do you only update on Saturdays Mondays?

Oh, there are multiple reasons for this. The biggest reason is because after the first month I had built up this good size buffer of comics and accidentally set them to post on Saturday instead of Sunday. I noticed I had more transfer visitors from Facebook (extortionist bastards) as well as more complaints about language and inappropriate subjects from family. I deemed this a worthy reason to keep the comic on Saturday. Then I decided Fuck ’em. I’m going to take the weekend to work on the comic so that I can do other shite during the week, jot notes down, re-edit, fuck that, delete this, post the comic anyway…

No! Why not Monday – Friday?

Oh, I see. Yes. When I started this, I was unemployed. Then very shortly after, under employed, the employed but under paid. Now I’m differently employed and paid OK. After 40-45 hours a week, taking care of the house and other duties I’m a bit tired to do more than one a week and some weeks I only them done on Friday night. It was never my intention to make this a full time thing. I mean if I was going to do that I’d draw the comic. Put more effort into it. The comic started out as a way to keep me from going nuts and to get ideas out of my head that have been floating in there. Some of them for decades. Currently it gives me something to do on a weekly basis, to help overcome some of my personal shortcomings, like falling asleep when I get bored. My hope and goal is to eventually have the site pay for hosting costs and maybe new costumes and stuff.

Are the characters based on you and your family?

No. See the first question for a good answer to this. Especially The Wife! My real wife is way more awesome than the wife in the comic. So was my dog. The cat on the other hand is fairly accurate.

Why a plastic skeleton?

because a real one is way too expensive and difficult to position without muscle. Besides, the blank filled in eye sockets are way more expressive.

Why Plastic Paddy Pogue?

because I wanted to see how many double entendre I could stack up in one title. I try to make the character fit into all the meanings, broken out or combined.