I’ve found I really like using Inkscape

It has made this much easier to do that Photoshop or GiMP could even think of. The nice thing is as vector drawing, the scale very well and can be easily printed if I ever decide to go that route. So far It’s enough faster that I’ve managed a two week buffer, and will probably get a few more in que. It’s also much easier to make corrections after the fact.

I am toying with the idea of integrating historical tidbits into the comic. The trick is going to be getting it to flow within the dialog and pictures and not seem forced. I think I’ll just add the info in the Comics post  for a bit of background to the conversation. It seems kind of cheap, but this isn’t a novel. I do however, think that a few trips to the museum are in order to go through some of the old photos of Tacoma for potential flashbacks. I can probably do the same for anywhere else we travel, after all, Paddy’s been around and wandering a really long time.