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Jan 5Nature teaches beasts to know their friends.
Jan 12Pray you, who does the wolf love?
Jan 19Not quite awake yet.
Jan 26Closer to the bone, the sweeter is the meat…
Feb 2One girl was called Jean Marie…
Feb 9I’m looking at the man in the mirror
Feb 16Gimme steam…
Feb 23Foes’ gifts are no gifts: profit bring they none
Mar 2“Mr. Watson–come here–I want to see you.”
Mar 9I wish my brother George were here
Mar 15“My favorite day,” said Pooh.
Mar 23I see London, I see France…
Mar 29Poor Paddy works at the Wal*Mart…
Apr 5The best part of waking up
Apr 12Like fingernails on a chalkboard
Apr 19One Ringy-Dingy
Apr 26Where everybody knows your name…
May 3Reach out and touch someone
May 10Are you coming to my party tomorrow?
May 17Falling Down
May 24It’s a classic
May 31Killing me softly with his song
Jun 4Hewitt’s Drug Store
Jun 7Couldn’t help myself
Jun 14Paddy Does Dallas
Jun 18Tree Branch & Nigel
Jun 21Jane, Stop this crazy thing
Jun 28Cats are assholes
Jul 2Sleeping dog
Jul 5Meetings
Jul 9Fisting F-Chord
Jul 12Howard Hawks it ain’t
Jul 19Budget movements
Jul 26Do you know the muffin man?
Aug 2No Pants Day
Aug 9Three sheets to the wind
Aug 13Study of Studying
Aug 16The case of the missing tail tucker
Aug 23Fairy tales can come true, it could happen to you…
Aug 30Flesh Wounds
Sep 6Give me that old fashioned morphine
Sep 13Terminal operator
Sep 20Sokurah was a hack
Sep 27No words
Oct 4A Wake?
Oct 11Stormy Seas
Oct 18You’ve been…THUNDERSTRUCK!
Oct 25Wedgie free
Oct 31Fairy Tales Can Come True…
Nov 8Steaming pile of bullshit
Nov 15A man barely alive…
Nov 22Crisis management
Nov 29Cold or hot, SPAM hits the spot
Dec 6We’re so sorry, Uncle Albert
Dec 13Not a creature was stirring…
Dec 20Christmas Cheer
Dec 25Christmas Carnage
Dec 27Dropping the ball