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Jan 3Everyone knows who did it
Jan 10Track lighting not required
Jan 17A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste
Jan 24Dating Miss Michigan
Jan 31Caught on film
Feb 7Lacking Toast
Feb 14Typical Sontaran attitude
Feb 21Chicago! Chicago! Assholes everywhere!
Feb 28Clean your plate
Mar 7Hey, lady! Where are you going with a head like that?
Mar 14My corduroy breeches I put on
Mar 21never, oh never, oh never again…
Mar 28Plasticine porters with looking glass ties
Apr 4Waste not, want not
Apr 11Breakin the law, breakin the law
Apr 18Trifecta
Apr 25It’s a bloody miracle!
May 2Just hanging around
May 9Bang Bang Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
May 16Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door
May 23Some say kissin’s a sin
May 30and Andy Griffith as Ben Matlock!
Jun 6Love Lies Bleeding
Jun 13Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive
Jun 20Olan Mills
Jun 27“Scalia’s Tears”
Jul 4Too hot for you
Jul 11Girls on film
Jul 18Love me Tinder, Love my do
Jul 25In search of Rodney Alcala
Aug 1Ohhh, my love. My darling
Aug 8Irony, the opposite of wrinkley
Aug 14Brought to you by Gatoraide
Aug 22Are you almost ready for some football!
Aug 28This Old New Yankee Woodwright House
Sep 5Ring Ring goes the bell
Sep 12wakey wakey
Sep 19On my own…
Sep 26Furniture Porn
Oct 3Easy Rider
Oct 10Whistling in the Dark
Oct 17No-pan kissa
Oct 24Now with stereoscopy
Oct 31More important than porn
Nov 7Great Big Ol’ Clouds
Nov 14Technology is the Devil
Nov 21It’s like the Pat Cave
Nov 28Table Tennis
Dec 5Butt first
Dec 12Mani Pedi Kitty
Dec 19We are out of blue milk
Dec 25Happy Christmas