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Jan 2“Pike” Place Market, a porn parody
Jan 9Brah, do you even lift?
Jan 16[indistinguishable mumbling]
Jan 23Tender Vittles
Jan 30Golden gifts
Feb 6The Pawtector
Feb 13Kitty Kam
Feb 20The Reflex
Feb 27with a fiver in me pocket
Mar 5Sin in soft focus
Mar 12We are looking for Moose n Skwirl
Mar 19The Right Stuff
Mar 26What an enormous coccyx
Apr 2Don’t forget Michelle Ryan
Apr 9you make the rocking world go round
Apr 16“Delightfully tacky AND unrefined”
Apr 23Recycling
Apr 30Here comes the rain again
May 7iPhone7SS
May 14Hot & Saucy
May 21Insert Cucumber Joke Here
May 28Nice Melons
Jun 4Goldfish
Jun 11You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry
Jun 18The Loser
Jun 25I cut down trees, I eat my lunch
Jul 2Kierkegaard, Sartre and Frankl walk into a bar…
Jul 9Word Association
Jul 16Siri, where can I hide the body?
Jul 22Introducing Rod Stewart’s Hair
Jul 30If it wasn’t attached
Aug 6Man with a Van
Aug 13Mark Zuckerberg Cares
Aug 20Waiting
Aug 27Pizza Hooligan
Sep 3Pontiff Approved
Sep 10Failure Is the Only Option
Sep 19Battlin’ Jack Murdock
Sep 26Navigator, Navigator
Oct 3Like Honey in a Bucket
Oct 10Damn you Andy Warhol
Oct 17Albuquerque
Oct 24Staaar Trekkin, Across the Universe
Oct 31Happy Halloween 2016
Nov 7On-Star. May I help you?
Nov 14Noisy Cricket
Nov 21You were always on my mind
Nov 28Roaming charges may apply
Dec 5Tea Timer
Dec 12Where no man has gone before
Dec 19Riding off into the sunset
Dec 24So this is Christmas…