Boxed Belfry

besides, they have yet to make an inflatable Santa with tinsel farts blowing out of his bottom.

Yup. The last few weeks have been leading up to adding a new character that I’m not even certain what I’m going to do with. Then why add him? because he was cheap and I think it’s really funny that all of these skeleton animal figures seem to have ears.


Narrator: Is that the last of it?
Paddy: Yup. I have to tell myself, “It could be worse”. They could have inflatable abominations to attach to the roof
Narrator:¬†True. Hey, wasn’t this a new tree? There’s a hole in the…
Bat: Hello
Paddy: heavy sigh¬†Great, another new character that isn’t going to go anywhere. You may as well help me put up the tree