After Nearly missing out last year, and the year before, He decided it would be good to dress up early. It's not like he has body odor or anything. There's a sweet smell of fungus, or mildew or something, but no BO

Yes this years Halloween costume is a really bad ultra frilly Wonder Woman costume. I am on a budget here and the Costco costume was the cheapest I could find. Besides, it actually works for Paddy. Well except for the creeper REALLY REALLY old man in a size 12 kids costume. It even has a cape :-) Why? I have no idea other than Why the fuck not?


Cat: Is he going to watch with us?
Paddy: I’m not sure, probably not, he seems fairly focused out there

sound fx: Dog fight, heavy explosion, tools rattling

Paddy: Sorry, Too Loud?
Patrick: Not really. Just a better plan