Bird Watching

Why not indeed. Just because it LOOKS like he's looking into the neighbors houses, doesn't mean he is. I mean, he is, but that's besides the point.

in hindsight, I should have taken one of the other skeletons and used it’s hands in the photo to make him look more like he was holding the binoculars instead of leaning in creepily to look through them on a stand. Either way works I guess.


Narrator: Now what are you doing?
Paddy: I’ve been out there six times this week. I still can’t figure out what that noise is.I’m positive it’s coming from this area
Narrator: The dining room?
Paddy: This corner of the house. It sounds like a bird, but there are never any feathers, or body marks on the glass
Narrator: So you’re waiting for whatever it is to show up and hit the house
Paddy: Yes
Narrator: So why the binoculars?
Paddy: Why not?