Wake up, it’s time to take your sleeping pill.

Feed me Seymour.

Sorry for the late update. Had some major computer issues this week.

I think I’m going to try and avoid some of the night shots. The cell phone just doesn’t respond well. Neither does our point and shoot. The images come out very grainy when full size and are a pain to correct. I guess turning more lights on would help, but then it just wouldn’t feel as late as I was trying to portray.

I suppose this also means I ought to clean up the downstairs area for next week. I really need to get that buffer going again.


Narrator: Hours of confusing negotiations later…
Paddy: Well, it’s getting late. You all probably want to get some sleep.
Paddy: Young lady, you staying up or going to bed?
Dog: Are you kidding, I’ve been sleeping all day. I’m exhausted.
Patrick: We really don’t have a room set up yet, but there is a guest bed downstairs.
Paddy: I’m sure it’s fine. Your wife said something about books?
Patrick: I suppose that is how you won her over, the bed and book fest are downstairs. I’ll show you.
Paddy: What time do you wake up?
Patrick: The dog usually gets us up around four, sometimes we manage to get back to sleep, but she REALLY wants food by six.
Paddy: All right then. We’ll go over little Miss Special Needs in the morning.
Dog: But I really want food right now.