Far and Away.

I tell you what. Scratch my ass, and if my hind quarters uncontrollably go up, I'll put in a good word.

Paddy could be Tom Cruise’s Son, he’s about the right height. :-)

Looking at this one again, It’s a bit wordy. I probably should have expanded it into a couple of weeks, but it didn’t seem wordy enough for that. I also ran out of pictures with the same lighting. That is really going to screw me for next weekend.


Paddy: It sure is a nice view.
Patrick: Do you have any references?
Paddy: I recognize Vashon Island, but everything else looks so different with the smelter gone.
Wife: He meant people we can call to verify your background.
Paddy: Scotch-Irish. My parents were both Irish Immigrants. They’re dead of course
Patrick: Sorry, your legal background and…wait, both were Irish? then…
Paddy: I’ve been adding the scotch meself. Mostly Islay and Highland single malt. Some lowland blending in the 80’s. It was a rough decade.
Paddy: Hey, should you be on the couch?
Cat: Should you?
Paddy: That’s what I’m here to find out.