Love in an elevator…

Fun Fact. They've developed a rescue system for victims of silo accidents. It's basically a set of rings that you put around the victim, dig out the grain around them, and keep repeating until they are free. The rings keep the grain from collapsing in further.

The grain Silos are run by TEMCO. It is my understanding from when I worked at Carlile, the there used to be a smaller version over by Buffelen Lumber Company (Now Buffelen Door) on Taylor Way. The first were completed in the 30’s and supplied grain to Allied troops. Whether Paddy heard rumors before he left, or in some correspondence since I don’t know, but it is becoming apparent that he left prior.

The Ships are  the Cape Island and the Cape Intrepid. They are cargo ships in the U.S. Maritime Association’s reserve fleet. I believe they were last active during the Gulf War.

Normally on foot it would take a bit longer than what I’ve made it seem. It’s probably a 15 minute to a half hour walk at a slow pace from the bridge to the ships. I really didn’t want to get all Faulkner‘ish with this. Yet. I thought it would be better to get Paddy to the point of introduction, I can have him wander around mulling whatever empty thoughts pop into his skull later. :-)


Paddy: Well, I’ll be damned. this thing still looks new. mind you I don’t fancy getting up all them steps. I’ll stick to the road thank you.
Paddy: That is a lot of Grain. Wait! Weren’t they going to build that over by Buffleen Lumber? Where am I?
Paddy: OK, Hills to the left, water to the right. I’m not on Taylor Way.
Paddy: Jayzus!
Paddy: Why’d ya need that big a boat fer?