Alfred Pennyworth? more like Duckworth.

That's not to say that he didn't used to do the pool boy, or the maid, the chef, the butler, the grounds keeper, the stable boy, a random guest, or anything else that moved...

Haggling. I hate it. I apparently don’t even like to write it. I suppose that it would have been easier to to do a cliche where one of us screws up the process, but I kind of what to avoid that as an out.That’s not to say I won’t intentionally use a cliche, *cough* pool boy reference *cough, cough* but I won’t use it as a cheap way out.

So much has been written, said, and done in this world, I think it takes someone someone really fucking special to write something that doesn’t have a cliche in it somewhere, and have it still be worth reading or watching. By that I mean truly talented, very well practiced, master of the craft. ┬áThat someone is not me. I’m only doing this to get these ideas out of my head.


Paddy: Would it be alright if we sat down? I feel a bout of osteoporosis coming on.
Patrick: A bout of…? Sure whatever. Come on in.
Patrick: The thing is, we’re really not sure we want someone and all their junk in the house.
Paddy: I have no stuff, haven’t for years..
Wife: but you’d still be here.
Paddy: so would a maid, chef, butler or pool boy.
Paddy: I can do all these things, well except the pool boy… all I need is a place to rest.
Wife: what about the ground?
Paddy: Oh, I never much cared for camping.