Sadly, it still doesn't explain the terrible Kilt. That's all human right there.

Anybody following Instagram or Tumblr is aware I just took a small road trip to Sequim and Port Angeles WA. I took a ton of pictures, actually relaxed a bit and thoroughly enjoyed myself as much as I think it is possible for me to do at this point. I forget to bring Paddy. I could have had a whole years worth of pics, but no. I’m an idiot.


Paddy: We forgot to buy the pants
Wife: We weren’t even looking for pants
Paddy: I know
Wife: Then why mention it?
Paddy: Because we didn’t buy any
Wife: Did we need to?
Paddy: We left your anxiety prone husband speaking with the neighbor
Wife: yeah, and?
Paddy: A very talkative neighbor
Paddy: Who is convinced that the news talk about illegal aliens is referring to Roswell New Mexico