We Are Fam A Lee!

ʻohana ubuntu

We will definitely be just floating in the ether for a bit here. I need to work up nerve to take Paddy out to public places. I need to work up the nerve to take myself out to public places and shoot photos of Paddy. The problem is there are people out there. People interact with you in unpredictable ways. They ask questions. I’m not really one to give straight and clean answers, but I always worry that there will be children present.


Paddy: Well good morning. There’s fresh tea if you’d like. There’s been a lot of discussion in the back office as of late. Where do we want to go?
Paddy: Should we even bother doing this anymore? I mean we haven’t even had a real plot line in months. Sure that’s when I lost my job and we elected a cheeto for President, and the country seems to be taking a jog backwards in human rights
Paddy: It’s amazing that your depression hasn’t … kicked … in. We shall endeavor to Fuck about right along with you shall we?