The sad thing is that my shirt may have changed 4 times in as many weeks, but it's still the same project on the bench.

All Hail Lord Dampnut

Whether you like him or not, it doesn’t matter if you voted for him or not, it doesn’t fucking matter if you voted for him and now have buyers remorse, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t vote at all (shame on you). If we didn’t want him, we should have thrown our support, active support, into another candidate. Voting is more than a check box, it’s more than deciding between McDonald’s or Burger King. It’s a decision that you make for everyone, and at this point in our history some of these decisions have a very serious impact on everyone in the world. Look what we did. We acted like a spoiled teenager, me me me me. America is currently in a really shitty high school movie and we put Hardy Jenns,  Stan Gable, Steff, the Heathers, and Biff Tannen (literally)
The fact is he is the President of this country and we have to live with and deal with this decision, as does the rest of the world.


Patrick: It’s our own fault, isn’t it
Paddy: Yes, even more so for those of us with advantages. Part of it is that we’ve been too busy teaching people just to regurgitate dates and how to study to pass their exams
Paddy: the idea that the Nazis were bad is there, but there’s really no understanding of events. How many people nowadays realize that Adolf Hitler was elected into office by the people of Germany?
Paddy: Thinking for yourself is hard, it’s easier to re-shitpost bullshit on Facebook for the instant emotional gratification
Patrick: or Tumblr
Paddy: exactly. HEY!