I've heard that the Angel is into some kinky things. Something about a Fir tree and glass balls dangling from the limbs

Angels we’ve heard are high

One more week to go. You know, I should have sent out Christmas cards. Maybe Paddy looking all sultry in a Santa Hat or something. I probably should have a mailing list If I was going to do that though. OH HO HO HO, I should probably actually have readers to make a mailing list from! Then I could keep track of whose naughty or nice and only send out cards to the naughty fans. Naughty, naughty fans ….


Paddy: That should about do it
Bat: oohh, let me see
Bat: Hey, that doesn’t look too bad
Paddy: It still seems strange to me
Bat: What? Bringing the tree into the house to decorate?
Paddy: The whole put the Christ back in Xmas thing while decorating a pagan symbol, but yeah, that too now that you’ve mentioned it