The more astute of you have probably noticed that the ring font is the font that goes with the phone. Perhaps Astute isn't really the word I want here...

The best part of waking up

The best part of waking up is NOT Folgers in any way shape or form.
This here is a coffee snob house and we’re damned proud of it. If only I could still drink coffee.


Narrator: Cleaning?
Paddy: I will, after I have my cup of coffee.
Narrator: That’s her cup, and it’s from this morning.
Paddy: Well my hip displacia is acting up, so I’m not making a fresh pot.
and here we go again with the telephone sounds.
Narrator: You’re not even going to look for it are you?
Paddy: Nope. The house is too big, and I am but one person. Besides…
Paddy: …I know you give in too easy.
Narrator: Fine. Here.
Paddy: What the hell is that?
Narrator: hehehe