Best body builder pants ever!

Brah, do you even lift?

You see how I didn’t use the whole round is a shape joke, or the body of a god, too bad it’s Buddha bit! It was a stretch, but I managed to pull myself up from such a heavy set of cliches. In reality, what I like to do when people ask me if I work out is get the most horrified look on my face as possible, like they just asked Rick Allen if he has a strong left hand on the piano. Not so much to be an ass, but because I obviously don’t, and it’s none of their fucking business anyhow.


Paddy: So why do you have this thing anyhow?
Patrick: Well years ago we decided that the house smelled too fresh…
Cat: Like your shit don’t stink
Paddy: The weight bench
Paddy: Although that’s as good a reason as any to get a cat I suppose
Patrick: A few years ago we had aspirations of getting into shape
Cat: HRMPH! If you’d change my litter more often
Paddy: ah, I see. Well there at least isn’t laundry draped over it
Patrick: Sadly it can also be folded up for storage
Paddy: Oh I’ve seen him do that in your wife’s undergarment drawer
Cat: And what’s wrong with liking silk sheets?