Because it's always more polite to call first

Bringing up Baby

I do not recall how old I was when my parents started leaving me home with my siblings. It was certainly younger than most parents do nowadays. I remember a couple of years ago a coworker saying they needed to get a baby sitter for their kid who was 12 and thinking I was already getting paid to babysit at that age, so it had to be younger than that.

The dialogue is almost verbatim what me mom used to tell me every time she left me for the store or something. I know it’s just a Mom thing to say, but I didn’t get it then, and I don’t get it now. I can’t imagine a kidnapper calling first to make sure I was properly packed before coming to get me. I was maybe 8 years old. I wouldn’t have had a clue what to pack. I know this because I’m in my 40’s and I still don’t ever know what to pack. This is right up there with “if friends jumped off a bridge” to which my answer was yes because if Billy jumped off the bridge, there was probably a fucking good reason, like a fire, a semi truck out of control, or a kidnapper was coming without the courtesy of calling first!


Paddy: There you are
Cat: In my usual spot, trying to take my usual nap
Paddy: So you’re not going anywhere?
Cat: I tried that once, it was horrible
Paddy: How nice for you, so listen, they’re taking me to see a movie so we’re going to leave you here by yourself for a few hours
Cat: How is this any differ…
Paddy: So if the phone rings, go ahead and answer it, just tell ’em I’m in the bathroom
Paddy: I don’t want someone knowing I’m not home and coming to kidnap you
Cat: …We don’t even have a phone