also brought to you by this truck. Until the second half, then it's this truck. And watered down beer, lots of watered down beer.

Brought to you by Gatoraide

Yup. Football season has started and with it comes the rain and cooler temperatures. It’ll also be a lot of traffic in Seattle for a lot of Sundays. I am OK with this. It means that when I’m not in the mood to watch the game, I can hit the sores with a lot less people. If I time Costco right I can catch a bit of it there on 40 TVs and decide if it’s worth coming home for. So long as I’m there if they are “Kicking Ass” or “being Tromped” I think I’m OK. The mediocre games don’t call for much emotional support. :-P You’ll also note that this got posted early.


Wife: YES! YES! YES!
Paddy: What is going on in there?
Patrick: Football season started
Paddy: Oh. I see. Wrong type of crisis
Paddy: Don’t you usually watch too?
Patrick: It’s the pre-season, and I mostly watch to spend time with her
Wife: GO! GO! GO!
Paddy: Are you sure she’s just watching the game? I’ve heard you two up there and it sound the same to me
Patrick: I smell the bacon covered nachos, and they don’t play in kilts. So yeah, I’m positive

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