What do you mean I can't claim the clothing? The tablet and the Halloween decoration ARE business expenses Mr. Koskinen.

Budget movements

It has been very hot for the Pacific Northwest. I can tell because it’s has cooed down to 75 and I am contemplating a long sleeve shirt. It seems like just a few years ago I was in Anchorage with the windows down at 40F because I was too damned hot.


Patrick: Look, right now there isn’t even a budget for wardrobe
Narrator: What about the thrift stores?
Paddy: Where do you think they’ve been getting my outfits?
Narrator: Don’t walk away. We’re Sorry
Paddy: We’re just giving you a hard time. We know the money’s tight
Wife: Relax, he’s just going to use the bathroom
Paddy: In that case, what if I paid for the stunt double?
Wife: Possibly
Patrick: We can discuss in a min…where are your pants?
Paddy: budget cuts