The police, or the deer?

Bumbi’s Mum

More importantly, how would the deer get into the station to report the falsified accident? Would the police even believe them? It’s not like there was any marks or injuries. What if the interpretive dance gets lost in translation and the officer taking the report thinks the mother deer is trying to slap a paternity suit on him? What if it’s a female officer and the deer doesn’t understand the physical differences of our species? What if the mama deer really just wants to fall in love? Would that be so bad?


Paddy: You’re leaving the scene of an accident? What if they got your plate number?
Patrick: Since there was no accident, nothing would happen other than a possible visit from the police
Paddy: Oh, then they’d slap the deer with a falsification charge
Patrick: The deer? How would deer possibly take down my plate number?
Paddy: Hoof taps
Patrick: and the letters?
Paddy: numeric code
Patrick: How would the police know a 1 from an A?
Paddy: Interpretive dance