Have I mentioned that cats are Assholes?

Cat in Basket No. 4, Blue period

I felt it important to run this comic as a slight interruption. You see, last night it seems  that Bastet had deemed what I can only assume was some sort of pet and owner grooming session of enormous import and magnitude. Again. I think it is a weekly thing. I was awoken to the sound of sandpaper, chewing, and what sounded like a small aquarium pump going bad. I removed the cat but the grooming session being both of enormous import and magnitude, persisted. I was now treated to having two paws holding my nose, and my beard so as to have the underside properly cleaned. My only clue as to what the hell was going on was an open window at my head and the assumption that I was sleeping downwind.


Narrator: Hey, wake up. Come on, wake up sleepy head
Narrator: There you go. Come on up and at ’em. We need to prep you for the next shoot
Cat: Which is?
Narrator: You sleeping in your basket
Cat: There is something seriously wrong with you