You can recognize the Congress elite by the orange powder and shit stains on their sheets.

Charles Elmer Doolin eat your heart out

Anyone that follows the tumblr feed will realize I am not a fan of our President elect, nor his cabinet to be. I think it shows why President Obama was unable to get hardly anything done the easy way during his tenure. This doesn’t mean that the comic is suddenly going political, I’m just not going to avoid it anymore. So what if I lose readers, the 10 of you are likely family anyhow. This comic has always been in favor of human rights and will remain so. Left, right, center, Pagan Christian, Jew, Atheist, white, black, brown, plaid, I don’t care, I’m putting on my brown pants to go with my brown coat.


Paddy: Well yes, but psychologically the rest of the country acts like they just stepped outside naked in the snow and forgot their keys
Patrick: It’s been a very rough and very negative year on TV
Patrick: People are looking at their own lives through that filter
Paddy: or maybe they’re shitting their pants because we put a Cheeto in charge
Patrick: It’s even scarier when you realize that up until this year, the news always had a demeaning report about how women only vote for the best looking candidate
Paddy: Parody Porn is going to get even weirder