A proud asshole is still an asshole.

Chicago! Chicago! Assholes everywhere!

A lot of people don’t get that The Tossers song Chicago is actually about the severe stray Cat problem in the windy city. You see, they’re not saying the the people they are describing are assholes, but that with all the crime, criminal and developmental, the real problem is the sheer number of cats roaming around the streets, tails up high, bum holes proudly displayed. Chicago is the worlds third largest kitty pride parade. The first and second being islands of Tashirojima an Aoshima in Japan. Those cats take themselves way too seriously though.


Paddy: You may have noticed that the cat has been featured a little bit more often lately. Not only that, but he has the appearance of being extra lovey, Laying on laps, getting pets and skritches
Paddy: The more observant readers have probably assumed it’s because he misses the dog. While I have no doubt this is true, the simple truth is that he’s just a stinky, old fart that wants your full attention so he can show off his asshole.
Paddy: He’s really is quite proud of it
Cat: Why are my ears burning?