Come and pour me some rummy rum rum...Please be careful, that's 151...

Christmas Cheer

You know you are getting pretty sleep deprived when you are writing a comic about the cat, that the cat is not actually featured in, and the cat walks into the room you are working in and your first instinct is to blank the screen so the he doesn’t see. Yeah, I just did that.

The inspiration for the comic


Narrator: zhon you thing tha khat will go aftah tha’won?
Paddy: Oh, I’m counting on it my Hot Toddied friend
Narrator: zhew knhow whaa I donmiss at crissmus
Paddy: A single buttered rum?
Narrator: TINSEL! Tha’ Shi’ got evrywhr! Tha’tree, tha’ floor, tha’ khat…
Paddy: You know, I saw some silver wrapping paper in the box
Narrator: I’ll gehs tha’shreaddor!