Longest interview ever!

Are you coming to my party tomorrow?

If you’ve never seen it. Get yourself a big glass of wine, lots of snack food, and a working pause button, and watch¬†2001: A Space Odyssey.
Personally, I don’t care for video chat. I’m always worried this is going to happen. Maybe that’s why this week’s comic isn’t all that funny, just absurd.
So have a much more adorable video chat scene¬†. Rachael’s in the bathroom indeed.”Are you coming to my party tomorrow?” poor Doctor Floyd.


Patrick: I see you found the phone OK
Paddy: yes.
Patrick: everything alright?
Paddy: yes. I’ve just never been on a video phone. How come I can only see half of you?
Patrick: My phone is sitting on the center console. I assume yours is just laying on the table? I can’t really point the camera at me while I’m driving
Paddy: oh, Oh. I See! This is certainly going to take some getting used to
Patrick: You know it’s easier if you make a regular call instead of video chat
Paddy: This is just like in that movie about the big black rectangle
Patrick: the what?
Paddy: You know, I don’t think that airline is around anymore
Patrick: where’d you go?
Paddy: The phone slipped. I’m about 5 minutes away so I’ll just talk to you then
Patrick: OK
Paddy: So. how do I hang up?