of course we walk the dog. half the time we're tempted to walk it right off a cliff, but the bed would get cold and seem awfully large.

Crazy is as Crazy does.

well what do you know, I managed two Sundays in a row.

-and of course I messed up the final panel font. Corrected.


Patrick: Actually, I was thinking we may have a hard time finding someone because the two of them are such a pain in the ass. College student would be ok. someone that could take the dog for extra walks for reduced rent
Patrick: but we’re really not close to a University
Dog: Wait! What do you mean extra? you don’t walk me now
Patrick: there’s no room in our drive for another car and there are probably too many large hills for a bike also.
Wife: Unless of course they’re insane and like that sort of thing. Then we’re perfect.
Patrick: Well of course! We’re perfect. That’s the underlying issue. Nobody would ever meet our high standards. Besides, living with 3 crazies is already hard enough on you