Row row row your boat kind of takes on a whole new meaning...

Crisis management

It’s come to my attention that this one may need some explaining. Three men in a boat is a travel documentary put on the BBC. Basically Dara Ó Briain, Rory McGrath, and Griff Rhys Jones travel around in a boat of some sort and visit pubs and pick on each other. It’s loosely based on the novel by Jerome K Jerome.  Euphemisms are are generally polite words used to describe something that is considered vulgar or offensive. what difference it really makes I don’t know, but I find the concept of them funny at a social level.


Paddy: What’s this?
Patrick: “Three men in a boat”
Paddy: That sound interesting
Patrick: ohkay…
Paddy: Well they’re just wandering around boats and pubs. It’s just a travel documentary
Patrick: Well, yeah. What did you think it was?
Paddy: I thought it was a euphemism for a very unfortunate condition. Still, boats and pubs are good too, I’m easy