I still think the Tacoma dome looks like a big giant tit with a flag on it's nipple

Damn you Andy Warhol

Yup. Traffic is bad here. I don’t think it’s Southern California bad, but it’s bad nonetheless. Mostly at this point it just gets tied up in a few key spots. One being right by the Tacoma Dome where there has been a fairly large construction project going on since we’ve moved down here in 2012. It isn’t done, and won’t be for a while. They are actually removing, replacing and otherwise origami’ng, multiple bridges, ramps, interchanges, and what I assume are 747 landing strips. One day I drive through and there is a hill that’s been there for as long as a bridge hasn’t. The next day there is now a bridge. A week later someone decided that they got it all entirely wrong and there is now a new hill, with patched of grass and weeds laid out, not quite in the correct locations; much like Donald Trump’s Toupee (Capitalized intentionally). The bridge is now somewhere else down the highway acting as if it’s been there for decades, but the fact that it’s neglect to remove the cement forms, and doesn’t actually connect to anything, gives the truth of the matter away.


Paddy: Look behind…No one coming…blending blending blending. You know I don’t see what everyone’s complain…
Paddy: …innnnng. about.
Patrick: Motor boys and girls with tans
Narrator: 15 minutes later
Paddy: How the fuck does traffic flow backward?!