It's actually a testament to the honesty of raccoons that they haven't figured this trick out yet.

Dash Cams

Sika Deer, not to be confused with Sitka Deer. Two different species.  The former is seemingly set up in Russia to spread like a pest, specifically for elaborate hunting trips. The latter seems to benefit from a better Wikipedia page. The reality is that I just thought it would be entirely very silly to have the deer work out a scheme like all of the Russian dash cam videos.


Paddy: That was close
Patrick: eh, there’s still five feet, I’m surprised she didn’t scammer off though
Paddy: Why is she laying on the ground flailing about?
Paddy: Here comes the baby. Why is it limping on three legs now?… Is it crying?
Patrick: crap. What do you wanna bet it’s a Russian Sika Deer, and just in time for traffic