Well at least not anymore. Not since the Lilliput'n incident back in '05

Dead Weight

Well the repaired hand seems to be holding up this time. I’m still a bit  concerned about cutting up the second one. My first attempt at a leg stiffener seems to be a failure. I have an idea for a solution but it involves ring clamps and bracing. It would also make the model look like a young Forrest Gump, which is really not what I want. Especially since there really wouldn’t be a logical way to write it into the what little plot there is. He already runs around without muscle, why the hell would he need leg braces?


Narrator: Many Days Later
Paddy: Fucking close enough. PSST! Wake up
Paddy: I need your assistance
Cat: What could you possibly need my help with?
Paddy: I need you to hold my doppelganger while I cut him up
Cat: I am not at all comfortable with this idea. I can’t even kill mice