It's like drinking an 80% chocolate bar.

Death comes to those who wait.

So I broke the third wall. I think this is one of those situations where, yes it’s cliche, but it works. I wasn’t going to do break the narration barrier, but the possible sight gags are too many. Besides he can Dr. Doolittle it up with the dog and the Cat so a magical narrator isn’t so far fetched. I would love to get to the point where I’m comfortable enough with the software and the physical instability of Paddy that I can bits of homage to¬†Brooke McEldowney‘s artwork. I really admire his use of perspective and comic frames.


Paddy: heavy sigh Something about this situation doesn’t feel quite right.
Paddy: They seem like good folks.
Paddy: I am trading work for shelter. Yet, somehow, I don’t feel right.
Narrator: Does this help?
Paddy: Oh, That was it. Thanks!