It was a very difficult decision, but i the end I decided to simply just make it look like a bookcase

Decisions, Decisions

IKEA aside, there is a lot of thought that has to go into something as simple as a bookcase. The size and colour are the easy bits. There are different construction techniques for different materials, different styling within those techniques… Do you want it to have feet, or an apron? Both? Type of feet? square, round, bun, claw, clay and ball? claw and ball with one claw slightly playing with the ball in a nonchalant way as if the bookcase is actually a cat? Kitty Paw feet?  What about doors? Yes no? then from here you start repeating. It gets even worse when you factor it what do I want to make? I’m pretty certain this is mostly because of the anxiety issues and most people are probably able to just snap their fingers and make these decisions. Of course most people would probably just go out and buy a fucking bookcase as well. The nice thing is that this’ll be just the first one of two or three cases for this particular room. The downside is I intend to make all three different to practice different techniques.


Paddy: All caught up with the little things I see
Patrick: Yup
Paddy: Everything cleaned up, ready for the big project
Patrick: Yup
Paddy: You even took care of an extra issue in the hallway
Patrick: Yup, pacing certainly helped
Paddy: So what’s the issue?
Patrick: What KIND of bookcase am I making? I know the size, I know the wood, I even know the colour. Should it have feet? Should I dovetail the carcass? Doors? Style? What if I don’t like it? Is it worth the effort if they’re burred underneath trim? Should I just make it simple for now and make another later? Would it be a good idea if…
Paddy: WOAH! ease up there boy-o
Paddy: Why don’t you just start with a basic box for now. Grab the marker. There you go