Consent is FUCKING important!

“Delightfully tacky AND unrefined”

and look at that, suddenly we now have two neighbors. It’s like people breed or something. I originally intended to only have our little motley crew. I thought I would just mention a neighbors name kind of thing, but then I realized that I might actually need to remember the name I gave them later on. I just spent 3 months going through all the old comics, I have desire to do that again just to figure out a goofy name I used so therefore NEW CHARACTERS. Besides, this way maybe I’ll have another plot series, like maybe Mrs Metiche REALLY likes Mr Rubenbottom’s couch.


Paddy: There’s a stray dog trying to mount Mrs Metiche’s Lawn flamingo. yelling THERE BETTER BE CONSENT!
Narrator: I wonder where it belongs?
Paddy: up in the garden bed, her mother put it there back in the fifties
Narrator: the dog not the…Never mind. Why ARE you home already?
Paddy: The new manager sent me home early after explaining that casual Friday is really for office workers
Narrator: But it’s Wednesday
Paddy: That’s what I said!