Nevermind showing him how to return a call...

Where everybody knows your name…

The Spar Tavern was, and still is a place “Where everybody knows your name”. It is also one of the oldest bars in Washington still in operation. In fact it hasn’t moved since 1917.

You also see it as Paddy decided to walk up the hill in the last Chapter. Well the trees in front of it at least.


Paddy: Saaay, I think this is going to work
Narrator: Great. Though you may want to stop tapping random numbers
Paddy: Oh they’re not random. I’m dialing the Spar Tavern. I saw it was still open
Narrator: The Spar?
Narrator: You know the Radonich brothers are long gone
Paddy: Oh, I suppose so. Eh, they probably wouldn’t have delivered anyway