That is exactly how it really played out. In my mind.

Failure Is the Only Option

I am beginning to think I am incapable of making a quick fill in comic. This was supposed to be a sparse dialogue with white background comic to fill in today while I set up to have a comic post on Monday. I’m not sure what happened but a few hours more than 20 minutes, here it is. Next comic will be on Monday, September 19.


Narrator:Due to the Graphic nature of this part of the story line we’ve decided to show these pretty images…
Paddy: Decided to my arse. He paid a guy to pose with a baseball bat and pretend to hit him while he took photos. oh, that is nice though
Narrator:True, but it’s not like he planned for the police to show up
Paddy: He fucking forgot the camera phone
Narrator:Still, the Cop overreacted
Paddy: He saw a guy holding a bat over another guy on the ground in Hilltop! I think I like the other one better
Narrator:Yes, but it’s not his fault that Patrick is a klutz
Paddy: How did he knock hisself out with the bat while on the ground anyway?
Narrator:He’s coming round. Ask him