Hopefully she doesn't go on a some weird destruction spree trying get home.

Falling Down

I remember going to see Falling Down with a friend when it came out. She and I were the only one’s laughing through the movie. Same thing happened with Pulp Fiction. One would think that being between two major cities, one prosperous, and one in decay, there would’ve been more people with a dark sense of humor.  Perhaps if we would’ve watched them in the opposite cities we did? Probably wouldn’t have made a difference


Patrick: You know you won’t have the reflections as bad if you close the blinds
Paddy: They say it’s bad to watch TV in the dark
Patrick: So then why do you have all the overheads on?
Paddy: Well I don’t want my eyes to go bad
Dog: zzzzzzzzzzz
Patrick: So I got the job, but it doesn’t pay much.
Paddy: That’s wonderful?
Patrick: The wife, got a lay off notice an hour ago
Paddy: Oh
Paddy: Well there’s just one thing for it then.
Dog: zzzzzzzzzzz
Paddy: You must sit and watch a movie about the future that have already failed to happen, from the past
Dog: zzzzzzzzzzz
Paddy: Beer would be good too