we're even on a shoestring budget this month

First the cat, now this

Now that the comic is up, and I already spent an hour unwinding the skeletons from each other, I noticed something. For those of us that pay attention to these sorts of things, it is very obviously early morning light coming in from the outside. If the wife and Patrick have just gotten back home, where the fuck did they go that early? Did they have a romantic early morning parking session to watch the sunrise down at the waterfront? Were they maybe gone all night to a B&B for a cozy cabin get away? Maybe a long passionate weekend at an island resort? The answer of course was they went to the 24 hour grocery store to get the shopping done before the church goers got out en mass. They are after all practical people.


Patrick: I need to get the scissors out of the car
Paddy: You don’t have scissors in the shop?
Patrick: Not on a consistent basis since you moved in, no
Paddy: Well do you really need to go out that way?
Patrick: Do you really want out of your entanglement?
SFX: Garage Door opening
Paddy: Yeah, but the neigh..Hi Mr Rubenbottom! Nice enough day to practice a little string theory, eh?