Maybe I need to look on ebay for an old bone saw. I don't have one of those yet and it could come in handy.

Flesh Wounds

Presented without comment.


Narrator: Make sure the patient is properly restrained…
Paddy: You need to go tighter
Narrator: Sterilization and sharp instruments are key to success
Paddy: HOLY SHIT! Stop Stop Stop. OK. I’ll quit using your wife’s clothes!
Patrick: Do you mind? I’m trying to work here
Narrator: Suddenly disaster strikes…
Patrick: I don’t need a play by play. And you… Go in the house if you’re squeamish
Paddy: Do I have to stop wearing her clothes?
Patrick: Yes
Paddy: Can I get my own?
Patrick: Yes. Why are you even asking?
Paddy: I don’t knoooww