beware of geeks bearing gifs

Foes’ gifts are no gifts: profit bring they none

In which I learn that the spell check in Inkscape doesn’t seem to know that fascinating is spelled incorrectly.This shall bother me for an hour or two. It took me so long to get the animation done in GiMP and I hadn’t thought to save it as a work in progress file. Lesson learned. It is also a little odd to be typing this while having the image blink at me. Also annoying is that the blink timing that I carefully did the maths for doesn’t work the same when the image gets downloaded.

The whole blinking thing came about because I was originally going to use “beware of strangers bearing gifts” as the title. Then I thought, “I’m better than that” so I looked up what I thought was the original quote, only to find it was the original expression, based off an original quote, and so forth. I stopped at Sophocles only because I found it less insulting to Greeks, and more interesting to read. I also remembered the Compuserve Copyright scare from a while back and thought the phrase also fitting for the Alt-hover text. More so since after my decision to use it I animated the comic.


Paddy: Still singing. Badly.…and a loooooooooooooooong JACKET!
Cat: two quaint hacking cough noises
Cat: Deep inhalation sound.
Paddy: Hey that’s a pretty good impression of bagpipes. The sound is all wrong though
Cat: One loud cough noise that shouldn’t be possible to come from such a little body followed by two quaint hacking cough noises
Cat: The sound of Hades being ejected into our reality
Paddy: Oh I see. That is really gross. Yet oddly fascinating. What the hell is that?