So far we've been lucky that the dog doesn't think they're treats.

Gimme steam…

Good morning. I learned something with the next few comics. Steam from a shower is hard to get to show up in a photograph.There was enough steam in the last panel when I took the photo that I was having a hard time getting the touchscreen to work properly on the phone. So you all get Inkscape’s lovely effect filter called Scotland. I’m guessing it isn’t quite stylish nor moderately priced enough filter to be called London.  Meh, who cares. It works. Sort of.

edit: Well no it doesn’t work. What was poofy clouds of highland goodness is converted to a mere haze when switching to the png format for the web. Bugger.


Narrator: Well go on then. What are you waiting for?
Paddy: Well, I can’t decide if I should have a bath, or a shower.
Narrator: Decisions like this should not be taken lightly.
Cat: I should probably mention that I tend to use that when my litter box is full.
Paddy: Shower it is. With bleach.
Narrator: Ahem. One bleached half hour later…
Paddy: Singing loudly.“Now she’d make a good thermometer, if she drank a glass of wine…”