Thus far the nudes have remained on the cell phone, and not on the internet. No one really wants to see that.

Girls on film

I have no idea why he’s holding the phone like that. I suppose I should get back to work on the mobility project.

I also wonder how many younger people would assume that I’m making a social commentary on the narcissistic nature of facebook, as opposed to just a simple Durran Durran reference.
oh wait


Paddy: I appreciate you giving me your old phone, the last one was useless
Patrick: You threw it out the window and shouted “Fly Angry twitter bird, Fly!”
Paddy: Well it kept saying “Twitter has unexpectedly quit”, I figured it was feeling trapped
Paddy: Besides, this one has a nicer camera
Narrator: no filter
Patrick: What the fuck! Fucking Russian Spammers. Stupid fucking analytics.