If Han Solo had been played by William S Burroughs, Star Wars would have been the same movie, only with William S Burroughs playing Han Solo and I think that's pretty neat.

Give me that old fashioned morphine

So I had this whole strip written out, laid out in Inkscape, and just needed to create the speech bubbles. Then this morning I woke up with Jolie Holland’s “Old Fashioned Morphine” stuck in my head. Sadly, the rewrite is better than the original dialog which I added a fire effect to before deleting it, so that I could put it out of it’s misery.


Paddy: I really appreciate you doing this
Patrick: Well, at this point I’m not even sure it’ll work
Paddy: Oh, it’ll work. I remember way back when I first started to replace parts
Paddy: I was spending a lot of time in dark “coffee” houses
Narrator: and thus we go back…
Paddy: The world was lead paint and Bakelite
Narrator: The 80’s, 70’s, the 50’s…
Patrick: What? We’re not doing that
Paddy: But morphine, Billy Burroughs
Patrick: The flashback effect.
Paddy: oh
Patrick: You didn’t even change clothes or leave the room.It looks like it was done by a wanna be hipster
Paddy: Christ, Such a thing exists?