Hey, I like Almond Roca.

Golden gifts

For those of you who have never heard of it: Almond Roca
The first time I had one, someone left it unwrapped and on my desk at work. My first thought was that someone made a candy cat turd. so of course I instantly ate it. Now mind you, this was in Alaska where people make Jewelry out of moose poop and sell it to tourist. Which doesn’t make that sound any better really. The point is the Almond Roca are yummy, and they are another thing made in Tacoma sent all over the world.


Paddy: I’ll admit it’s a colourful description
Paddy: but you are definitely sugar coating it
Paddy: It just plain feels nasty to step on your litter with bear feet
Cat: What if I added an Almond Roca?