"Give me your hungry, your tired your poor I'll piss on 'em, that's what the Statue of Bigotry says"
-Lou Reed, Dirty Boulevard

Golden Potty Mouth

As crappy as the comment is, I will fully admit that it gave be a wonderful giggle to hear the NPR journalists saying “Shithole” on Friday morning.Partly because I am a bit immature, yes. More importantly I think it’s absolutely silly to be offended by cuss words just because they are cuss words. Obviously in this case “Shithole” was referring to a group of countries, and is rightfully offensive.) I’m referring to use of fowl language in everyday speech in a non threatening, non insulting way. “The Shitters full”, “This fucking door is stuck and I can’t get out of this damned bathroom stall and the Shitters full.”

Get over yourself you pious piece of fuck balloon. (see that’s offensive)


Paddy: There is a plus side
Bat: What’s that?
Paddy: We just heard no less than four journalists get to say “Shithole” on the air
Bat: True, but that’s far fewer than I had hoped
Paddy: That’s ‘cus they had hoped he was referring to his own mouth, not makin’ a racist remark from willful ignorance and privilege, unbefitting of the office he holds