Where the hell has he been keeping his tips? and how the fuck is he locking up the house?


Conveniently, because I no longer have a buffer, the weather has once again changed and it’s nice out again. Inconveniently, I need a buffer because I’ll be busy the next few Thursday & Fridays when I usually do the comic. Meh, It’ll work itself out. It always seems to. It’s organic that way :-P


Patrick: Don’t you need to get ready?
Paddy: I’m good
Patrick: You’re not forgetting anything?
Paddy: I have no keys, I don’t carry a wallet, Pizza’s paid for…
Patrick: Maybe change out of your work clothes?
Patrick: You wouldn’t want to exacerbate the situation would you?
Paddy: Oh I haven’t been able to do that for a very long time. good times though…