just like everybody else I suppose

Got lost in his own museum

I suspect I’m having a midlife crisis. I should go out and do the stereotypical thing and buy a car. Oddly for me that still wouldn’t be stereotypical as what I would probably do is get an original 80’s era Mini Cooper and convert it to electric. It would at least fit in the garage, or the back of the van for that matter.


Paddy: Are you sure you want to do this?
Patrick: yes
Paddy: and you want to do this now?
Patrick: yup
Patrick: that part I know for sure, but I need to get gas in the car and air in the tire
Paddy: Don’t forget to replace the brake light
Patrick: OH! thanks
Paddy: Then where?
Patrick: I haven’t a fucking clue
Paddy: Well don’t look at me, I’m just along for the ride