I later I caught him painting happy little bottles of whiskey

Great Big Ol’ Clouds

So Yes, You Tube has Bob Ross’ videos up. I really do have some fond memories of sitting with my friend and his mother watching these. I also remember that she was very good at nurturing our creativity. Good times.

What I wanted to do was have brushes and a painting going, and a wig of course. To my surprise I no longer have the paint brushes I intended to use, and currently cheap wigs are all rainbow coloured. I thought may actually be too insulting, While the rainbow wig would’ve worked with Paddy’s personality, the possibility of it solely being taken as a jab at Ross’ hair was just too strong and not the intention. So No wig this time. Just hypnotic obedience.


Wife: So I discovered that YouTube has all of Bob Ross’ videos up
Patrick: That’s awesome, I remember watching them as a kid with my friend & his mom
Wife: Paddy’s got them on downstairs
Patrick: Oh shit. I should go down and check on him then
Wife: what? Why?
Patrick: Ross’s soothing tones and Paddy’s personality
Patrick: You don’t remember last time?
Paddy: Ha’ peeee trayeeeez